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The Radius Architects Approach to Design


Digging the Dirt • Your site affects all senses by providing sights, sounds, smells, textures and temperatures. A good site design should provide a memorable experience for all who visit that particular place. It is our focus to recognize and blend this unique combination of elements into your completed design.

"Architects should help people be at home wherever they are."
-- Aldo Van Eyck

Deeply Considering People • Beyond the choice of wall material, visual style or palette of materials, it is the satisfying human experience that is at the heart of our designs. We encourage detailed conversation about what you want and how you really live. When the project is done, our goal is to feel like we designed it together.

Thoreau put it succinctly when he asked, "What is the use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?"

Teamwork • In addition to establishing an excellent architect-client relationship, it is our job to coordinate as effectively as possible with all involved in the design process, such as neighbors, consultants, suppliers, craftspeople and government entities. We see every project as needing its own team.

Respecting Craft and Honoring the Artistry of the Past • At the same time, we recognize the realities of twenty-first century construction costs.

A wonderful Egyptian architect named Hassan Fathy once wrote, "I say the beautiful architecture is an act of civility toward the person who comes into the building. It bows to you at every corner, like a minuet. Every building should be embellishing and adding to its culture."

Working Within Time Schedules and Budgets • We know we're always balancing between your dreams and practical limitations.

Endurance • We know that the design process involves seeing a project through its tedious aspects and staying with a project to the very end, including all the follow-up necessary to enjoy the completion energy.

Sustainable Design • Through careful design, attention to materials and consideration of energy systems, we make every project as green as possible. In this way, we make small contributions to essential planetary change.