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About the Radius Architects Team


We're working on full biographies for our team, but in the meantime here's an introduction to our lead architect.

Robert Castle Gay, Architect

Robert Castle Gay • Architect and Principal • The calling toward a career in architecture became clear to Robert at age 8 when he drew his first floor plan. By the age of 12, he had participated in the construction of the family home. Robert engaged in summer programs at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design. He received his degree in architecture from the University of California at Berkeley. There he studied with Chris Alexander in the early days of the "Pattern Language." This was followed by three years at the University of Hawaii as an instructor of architecture.

Shortly after the first Earth Day in 1970, Robert changed focus from university teaching to full-time design and building. After a move to the northwest, Robert founded Radius Construction. Two decades of design-build work followed. A strawbale workshop in 1992 confirmed his passion for alternative building materials. In 1996 he hung up his tool belt and moved to Tucson, Arizona where he has been working as a licensed architect focused primarily on the creation of residential environments. "Desert rat" is a term of esteem in his vocabulary.

Paula Noone, Office Manager

Paula Noone • Office Manager • As office manager, Paula is the bringer of order to the daily torrent of information and communications. She brings a background of work in several businesses, as well as strong visual sense from her work in fine art painting and remodeling the spaces she’s lived in. She also has prodigious scheduling abilities and multi-faceted communication skills that come from parenting 3 teenagers. A second area of Paula’s team contribution is in drafting, site research and other aspects of our production of drawings. Unflaggingly positive and empathetic, Paula brings light a can-do attitude to all that she touches. The products of her espresso machine bring another level of energy and efficiency to our work.

Jena Restad, Architectural Intern

Jena Restad • Architectural Intern • A refugee from the cold rain of the Northwest, Jena is an architectural intern learning rapidly about sustainability and visualizing architecture that is both green and fun. After architecture school, she gathered real-world construction experience in custom metalworking and traditional wooden boat building. Though generally soft-spoken, she goes after information from the internet like a heat-seeking missile, and as soon as a task appears, she is likely to be doing it. Jena loves bicycling, soup and her little dog, Harley.


Buddha, Office Mascot

Buddha • Office Mascot • And then there is Buddha. As official office dog, he greets all who come in the door, often rather forcefully! More often, he decorates the floor while napping in the one place everyone has to walk over, and is good at seeking affection when awake. Given his name and charm, it is easy to be a Buddhist!