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Strawbale Home • Lewis Residence • Oracle, Arizona

Strawbale Home Green Design

Design Features • Load-bearing strawbale walls. An elbow floor plan with 1420 square feet of net living space within a 1728-square foot footprint. Steel framing and roof trusses. Exterior patios with pine columns and flagstone.

Site Sensitivity • The plan's careful positioning between trees allowed the builder to clear a minimal amount of natural vegetation.

"I'm really getting excited about this project now it is beginning to look like a house. In fact, my spirit is now more there than here, and I long for my body to catch up -- so I can put roots down in this special place you helped create. Bless you. I know deep inside this house in its setting is going to be a wonderful place where many will find peace, rest and delight."
- Bunny Lewis

Energy Efficiency • Passive solar orientation of main wing of house provides for winter heat retention. Three-foot eaves provide for summer shading.