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Maxwelton Cohousing Community Center and Residence • Whidbey Island, Washington

Maxwelton Cohousing Community Center Solar Water Heating

Design Features • A divided dual-use structure comprised of a common house for the entire community and an individual residence. Design has a "storybook" feel. Built around a central tower with several roof and floor levels gently settling on the knoll of its site.

Sustainable Practices • Recycled sawn wedges of rubber tire casings serve as the shingles of the tower. Solar features include a 1400-watt grid-tied photovoltaic system, hot water panel and solar greenhouse.

"I think we did carry off a wee bit of whimsy as Sue would have wanted. Actually, I know she would love it. And by the way, I'm getting lots of very positive comments on how well the whole structure works together. You did a great job!" - Bill Stanley