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Adobe Brick Guest House • Snell Residence • Oro Valley, Arizona

Adobe Brick Home

Effective Use of Small Space • A compact and simple design of 880 square feet including great room with mini-kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Hallway space occurs at entry hall only.

Design Features • Adobe walls of cement-stabilized block, with a simple bond-beam at the top of all walls. Variety in walls is created by niches, window seat, glass blocks and arched window, and the texture of raw adobe.

Energy Efficient • Eaves and south-facing windows provide passive winter solar gain and summer shading. 12” adobe wall thickness adds thermal mass to help stabilize the building’s temperature. Concrete bond beam continues around all walls, and matches wall thickness. Roof is insulated better than code minimum.

Site Sensitivity • Position on the lot requires no driveway extension, only a footpath. Long axis east-west allows passive solar gain in the winters. All existing trees in the area are maintained, and the mountain view is enhanced by the major living area window.