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Strawbale-Adobe Home • Sullivan Residence • Tucson, Arizona

Strawbale Building

Design Features • Design emphasizes space diversity and avoids boxiness. Radial plan allows views of mountains in both northwest and southeast directions from almost every room. Open plan with no hallways allows for maximum use of square footage, creating a spacious-feeling house at only 2000 square feet.

Site Sensitivity • Plan provides multiple outdoor spaces of varying character, each which relates to its surroundings, bringing the outdoors in. Xeriscaping blends with desert landscape and is also water efficient. Adobe landscape walls move ‘around’ trees to create greater enclosed desert areas with minimal presence while preserving vegetation. Meandering driveway is unobtrusive.

Energy Efficiency • Solar hot water for both domestic hot water and radiant heated slabs. Additionally, the house is fully run on a photovoltaic system. It is also very well insulated by walls of 70% straw and 30% adobe.

Water Harvesting • Rooftop water harvested via four cisterns integrated with the building’s surrounding arcade.